Pink Fist 1

December 6, 2014
Pink Fist 1 4.75/5(95.00%) 4

First part of a series with me having my ass stretched from my girlfriend, getting ready to be anally fisted!

Baby Oil

November 24, 2014
Baby Oil 2.67/5(53.33%) 6

This another older video that haven’t been published on this site before, so while I edit newer material, please enjoy this! :D


November 23, 2014
Update! 3.29/5(65.71%) 7

I added a feature so you can see all the preview pictures from all my videos on the index pages!

I also fixed some videos that apparently wasn’t streaming properly on some devices.

If you at any time find something else that isn’t working, or have suggestions for improvements, please let me know!


Photo Session with New Latex Dress!

November 3, 2014
Photo Session with New Latex Dress! 5.00/5(100.00%) 3

We took some pictures today of me in my new lovely black latex dress!

Here’s a taste of what’s coming soon…! ;)